We, kand production Inc. (the “Company”), thoroughly recognize the importance of protecting personally identifiable information (“personal information”). We believe that properly handling personal information is part of our social responsibility, and declare that we strive to protect personal information in accordance with the following policies:

1. Acquisition of Personal Information
The Company will only use the collected personal information for improving the quality of the Company’s services or for any other purpose of use set forth in the privacy policy, and the Company will not use such information for any other purpose without the consumer’s consent or in the absence of any law or regulation to the contrary.

a. Providing solutions and services managed by the Company
b. Responding to consumer inquiries and complaints
c. Providing valuable information relating to the Company’s solutions and services to consumers, via email or phone call
d. Performing business tasks outsourced from a third party
e. For recruitment, screening, interviewing, selection and placement activities, as well as, ongoing employee labor management
f. Personal information may also be used in any case the Company needs to comply with laws and other related acts

2. Usage of Personal Information
In principle, we will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of utilization without the prior consent of the individual, and will realize security control of personal data by concluding contract on non disclosure of personal data with employees and by educating and training employees.

3. Safety Management of Personal Information
Against unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage and other safety management issues, the Company has undertaken technical and physical security measures in order to build a personal information management system and will update aforementioned system periodically.

4. Entrusting Personal Information
If the Company entrusts consumers’ personal information to third party business operators, including business entrusted companies and data sharing partners, the Company will take necessary and appropriate measures in keeping with laws and regulations.

5. Compliance with Laws on the Protection of Personal Information
The Company will comply with relevant laws and regulations with regard to the protection of Personal Information, and also constantly review its implementation of the Policy, and strive to make further improvements.

6. Request for disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, etc.
If you make a request to disclose, correct, delete, or suspend the use of your personal information, the Company will comply with such request without delay to the extent possible in accordance with laws and regulations. With regard to such requests, please contact the Company via the email address below.
Please note that we may not comply to your request if we cannot confirm that the specified personal information belongs to you. 

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